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Care and Activities


We are proud to feed dogs  Adult Retriever Mini Chunk from Dels Farm Supply and Cats are fed Purina Cat Chow. Finicky eaters are enticed with canned dog food and canned Friskies cat food. Special food is not necessary unless prescribed by your veterinarian. We will feed your own food if you desire. Food should be in a labeled, sealable, rigid container with specific directions.


Beds and Toys

For dogs, sleeping platforms and clean blankets are provided. A small bed or blanket and one or two favorite toys are welcome. They must be small, clean, washable, and labeled. Rawhide bones or other treats may satisfy the urge to chew. We can keep your dog supplied if you provide them. We are not responsible for articles left with your pet.



We provide individualized exercise or group exercise only with dogs from the same family depending on the needs of the dog(s). Our normal twice a day exercise schedule is included in the daily rate. These exercises are given in a large fenced area. Pets are supervised when in the exercise yards.

Extra Services

Field walks, baths and other special services are available.

(For rates see Policy and Pricing)

Woods Walks (10-15 Min)

Extra Exercise in the Yard (15-20 Min)

Peanut Butter Kong

Personal TLC time (10-15 Min)

Photo Updates

-If you are interested in any of these extras please let us know when you drop off your pet or when you make your reservation.

Special Care

We can give special care for elderly pets, puppies, or other pets with special needs. Rates posted are for daily care of the average cat or dog.

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