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Policy and Pricing

We do not allow before or after hours pick up and drop off

If you show up you will be charged $75 per pet.

Medications prescribed by your veterinarian will be given for an additional charge. Should your pet require medication or supplements, we will administer at a charge consistent with its complexity, but, at no less than $2.00/dose.  Injections will be done for $8.00 per injection. Please discuss this with us while making your reservation. Any medication or supplements must be brought in the original container.
Emergency Care
If your pet becomes ill or is injured, our first priority is to care for your pet. Cost of veterinary care will be your responsibility. Please alert us to conditions requiring special attention. Postpone your reservation if your pet becomes ill, seems out of sorts, or if you know that it has been recently exposed to a contagious illness.
Vaccinations must be current and acquired early enough for full protection. A record from a licensed veterinarian must be provided.
Pets will only be released to their owners or their emergency contacts, unless authorization has first been given by the owner. Identification may be necessary. Cancellation and Early Pickup require 24 hours notice. No shows will be a two-day charge.
1 dog per kennel - $45/day
2 dogs per kennel - $63/day
3 dogs per kennel - $74/day
Cats - $22.00/day 
Included in the dogs daily rate is
two exercises and two feedings per day.
Peak holiday rates:
An extra $5 a day per kennel used will be applied to your bill the day before, the day of and the day after each holiday. *Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's day 
Spring Break will have a charge of $3 a day per kennel during the weekends/week of spring break.
Charges begin the first day. We won't charge the scheduled
checkout day if the pet is picked up before noon.
Minimum charge for a one night stay-
$52 (1 dog in kennel)
$72 (2 dogs in kennel)
$90 (3 dogs in kennel)
We accept cash, check and *credit/debit cards
*credit/debit cards have a fee of 2.8%
Additional Activities

Woods Walks (10-15 Min)- $10.00

Extra Exercise in the Yard (15-20 Min)- $5.00

Peanut Butter Kong- $3.00

Personal TLC time (10-15 Min) $10.00

Photo Updates- $5.00

-If you are interested in any of these extras please let us know when you drop off your pet or when you make your reservation.

An advance payment may be asked from first time boarders or for extended stays. All other payments are due at the time the pet is picked up. We give discounts for extended stays, military and senior citizens.
Extended stays are 21 days or over and include
a 10% discount and a free bath at the end of the stay.


  • Distemper/Parvo-Annual

  • Bordatella- Annual (recommended every 6 months)

  • Rabies-Current


  • Distemper-Annual

  • Pneumonitis-Annual

  • Viral Rhinotracheitis-Annual

  • Calicivirus- Annual

  • Leucemia- Annual

  • Rabies- Current

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